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Efficient, reliable connections between our communities increases equity and economic opportunity for all residents.

The voters of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township approved TheRide’s millage request to maintain and improve transit services to advance the community’s needs for social, environmental and economic sustainability. Though approved now, the new 2.38 mil property tax and services will not go into effect until 2024. Service improvements will include several key enhancements to our public transit services:

Maintain Current Services
Continue providing essential transportation service in the greater Ann Arbor–Ypsilanti Area.

Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Express Route
Limited-stop express route along Washtenaw Ave. decreasing travel time by 30%.
Expand Overnight Service
Add overnight and holiday service and expand NightRide to all of City of Ypsilanti, all of Ypsilanti Twp north of Textile Road.
Increased Frequency of Service
More buses on the weekends, increasing all 60-minute service to every 30-minutes.
Customer Service Agents (YTC)
In-person agents and office improvements at Ypsilanti Transit Center allowing ticket sales and in-person customer service.
Longer Hours of Service
Earlier Saturday service and consistently longer hours of operation on both weekday and weekend evenings.
Capital Improvements
Capital fund for future projects such as terminals, BRT, zero-emission buses, garage, etc.

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The Clear Route

Public transportation plays a crucial role in every aspect of life
in the greater Ann Arbor–Ypsilanti area.

I work downtown and having bus service that has longer hours would definitely benefit me so I can get to and from work.


TheRide is my primary transportation because I don’t drive. I ride from Ypsilanti to school at U of M. Having an express route option would be easier with my schedule.

Anika, Student
Ecology Center

One of the best solutions is good transit system, buses, trains, other forms of transit are some of the most effective ways to reduce the emissions that come from getting where we have to go. In a place like Ann Arbor and Washtenaw county, TheRide is a great solution to the climate crisis.

Mike Garfield, Director of the Ecology Center

I use the bus to get to work in Ann Arbor from Ypsilanti. I’m also able to get to my appointments at the Veteran’s Hospital because of TheRide.

Harold K., Air Force Veteran 

TheRide is efficient. If you take the bus once a week you will save more money than it costs you in taxes. Use the calculator below to see how much you can save if you made it your daily commute.

Fuel Savings Calculator
Your car’s gas mileage (MPG)
Price of gas per gallon
Number of miles in your round trip commute
Size of your car  *
Daily parking cost for your car
Daily round trip commute cost using public transportation
Your yearly cost of commuting by car
Your yearly cost of commuting by public transportation
Your total savings
If you can live with one less vehicle in your household, you would save  ***

* Based on the following estimates for increased costs of maintenance and tire replacement per mile.
SMALL SEDAN—15.67 cents
MEDIUM SEDAN—18.22 cents
SUBCOMPACT SUV—18.23 cents
COMPACT SUV—17.79 cents
MEDIUM SUV—20.25 cents
** Those who receive free parking may instead be entitled to a public transit subsidy up to $280 per month.
*** If you can live with one less vehicle in your household, you would save an additional $6,624 in car ownership cost (full-coverage insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation and finance charge).
The ownership, maintenance and tire replacement cost are from the AAA 2021 Your Driving Costs.