Promises Made,
Promises Kept.

  • Maintain Current Services – Ongoing
    Continue providing essential transportation service in the greater Ann Arbor–Ypsilanti Area.

  • Customer Service Agents (YTC) – Began in August 2023
    In-person agents and office improvements at Ypsilanti Transit Center allowing ticket sales and in-person customer service.

  • Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Express Route – Launched in May 2024
    Limited-stop express route along Washtenaw Ave. decreasing travel time by 30%.

  • Increased Frequency of Service – August 2024
    More buses on the weekends, increasing all 60-minute service to every 30-minutes.

  • Longer Hours of Service – August 2024
    Earlier Saturday service and consistently longer hours of operation on both weekday and weekend evenings.

  • Expand Overnight Service – August 2024
    Add overnight and holiday service and expand FlexRide Late Night Service to all of City of Ypsilanti, all of Ypsilanti Twp north of Textile Road.

  • Capital Improvements – Ongoing
    Capital fund for future projects such as terminals, BRT, zero-emission buses, garage, etc.

Delivering on
Our Promises

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