The Route for

Transportation is essential for your lifestyle. Transportation creates more opportunities for more people.  Connecting the communities in the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Area provides access to jobs, healthcare, staff, activities and opportunity. Reliable transportation is a requirement on many job applications: TheRide checks that box for everyone.

Transit by its design is accessible to all. Especially when it’s designed in ways that it services all sectors of the community. It provides a very equitable and just solution for dealing with air pollution issues, climate emissions and other environmental problems around transportation.

Mike Garfield, Director of the Ecology Center

 I use TheRide to go to the grocery store, go over to visit my sister, or just for plain entertainment. Running late helps me, running on the weekends later helps me a great deal too. Especially if I choose to stay out later in the evening on the week or the weekend, if I choose to do that, then I know I have an option.  

Maria B., Long-time rider

I’ve used the services for over 10 years. I’m a single mom and I raised my daughter—I do everything on the bus—I went to all of her school meetings, projects, things like that, my grocery shopping. Using fixed-route, and having the steady times and knowing when I could travel and how to travel made my life infinitely easier. 

Kathleen M., AAATA Board Member