The Route for

Transportation is essential for your lifestyle. Transportation creates more opportunities for more people.  Connecting the communities in the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Area provides access to jobs, healthcare, staff, activities and opportunity. Reliable transportation is a requirement on many job applications: TheRide checks that box for everyone.

Transit by its design is accessible to all. Especially when it’s designed in ways that it services all sectors of the community. It provides a very equitable and just solution for dealing with air pollution issues, climate emissions and other environmental problems around transportation.

Mike Garfield, Director of the Ecology Center

I’ve been away and back again and never found a better, friendlier bus system. I’m a Gold card rider now and glad that AAATA is still there for me.

Catherine, Ypsilanti​​​

TheRide gives me the freedom to do what I need and live how I want. I especially love taking my grandkids on the bus.

Sara, Ann Arbor

My truck died back in November and I haven’t bought a new vehicle but have used TheRide countless times. The drivers are incredible and deserve everything in this world. Thank you for providing some transportation access to Ann Arbor/Ypsi.